{{ configurations.name }}
Provider Activity There are no background activities. {{ item.created_at | pretty_timestamp }} {{ item.action.message }}
mdi-wrench Sites mdi-text-box-multiple Domains mdi-card-account-details Accounts mdi-currency-usd Billing mdi-close Add plugin to {{ new_plugin.site_name }} From your computer From WordPress.org From Envato
{{ file.name }} - {{ file.size | formatSize }} - {{file.error}} success active

Drop files anywhere to upload

Drop files to upload

Uninstall Install
mdi-close Add theme to {{ new_theme.site_name }} From your computer From WordPress.org From Envato
{{ file.name }} - {{ file.size | formatSize }} - {{file.error}} success active

Drop files anywhere to upload

Drop files to upload

Uninstall Install
mdi-close Bulk edit on {{ bulk_edit.site_name }}

Bulk edit {{ bulk_edit.items.length }} {{ bulk_edit.type }}

Activate Deactivate Toggle Delete
mdi-close Create new WordPress site Request New Site mdi-close Configure Mailgun for {{ dialog_site.site.name }} Save mdi-close Configure Fathom for {{ dialog_fathom.site.name }}

Fathom Analytics


Fathom Lite

mdi-plus Save Fathom configurations
Edit Item Cancel Save mdi-close New Recipe Add New Recipe mdi-close New Account Create Account mdi-close Edit Account Save Account mdi-close Edit Recipe Save Recipe mdi-close Edit user {{ dialog_user.user.name }}
{{ error }} Save User
mdi-close New SSH Key Add New SSH Key mdi-close Edit SSH Key Set as Primary Key Key Fingerprint
{{ dialog_key.key.fingerprint }}
Delete SSH Key Save SSH Key
mdi-close New Process Add New Process mdi-close Edit Process Save Process mdi-close {{ dialog_handbook.process.name }} {{ dialog_handbook.process.roles }} Edit
mdi-clock-outline{{ dialog_handbook.process.time_estimate }} mdi-calendar-repeat{{ dialog_handbook.process.repeat }} mdi-repeat{{ dialog_handbook.process.repeat_quantity }}
mdi-close Save settings for {{ dialog_site.site.name }} Save Update Settings mdi-close Theme & plugin checks for {{ dialog_theme_and_plugin_checks.site.name }}

Enables daily checks to verify a theme/plugin is a certain status (activate/inactive). Will email notify if a check fails.

Save Checks
mdi-close Add Domain {{ error }} Add domain mdi-close Add Provider Credentials mdi-delete Add Additional Credential {{ error }} Add Provider mdi-close Add Provider Credentials mdi-delete Add Additional Credential {{ error }} Delete Provider Update Provider mdi-close Configure Defaults mdi-close Edit plan for {{ dialog_customer_modify_plan.subscription.name }} Cancel Plan Request Changes mdi-close Edit plan for {{ dialog_account.records.account.name }}


mdi-delete Add Addon


mdi-delete Add Credit


mdi-delete Add Charge Save Changes
mdi-close Log History mdi-close Add a new log entry for {{ dialog_new_log_entry.site_name }} Add Log Entry mdi-close Edit log entry for {{ dialog_edit_log_entry.site_name }} Save Log Entry mdi-close Mailgun Logs for {{ dialog_mailgun.site.name }} (Last 30 days) mdi-close Backup configurations Update Configurations mdi-close Download Snapshot {{ dialog_backup_snapshot.site.name }}

Download Snapshot
mdi-close Delete user To delete {{ dialog_delete_user.username }} from {{ dialog_delete_user.site.name }} ({{ dialog_delete_user.site.environment_selected }}), please reassign posts to another user.
Delete User  {{ dialog_delete_user.username }}
mdi-close Launch Site {{ dialog_launch.site.name }} Will turn off search privacy and update development urls to the following live urls.

Launch Site
mdi-close Historical Captures of {{ dialog_captures.site.name }}
Capture configurations Check for new Capture
mdi-close Capture configurations Configured pages to capture Should start with a /. Example use / for the homepage and /contact for the the contact page.


Basic Auth

Update Configurations

There are no historical captures, yet.
mdi-close Toggle Site {{ dialog_toggle.site_name }}

Deactivate Site

Will apply deactivate message with the following link back to the site owner.

Deactivate Site

Activate Site

Activate Site
mdi-close Migrate from backup to {{ dialog_migration.site_name }} Warning {{ dialog_migration.site_name }} will be overwritten with backup.

Start Migration
mdi-close Copy Site {{ dialog_copy_site.site.name }} to Copy Site mdi-close Apply HTTPS Urls for {{ dialog_apply_https_urls.site_name }} Domain needs to match current home url. Otherwise server domain mapping will need updated to prevent redirection loop.

Select url replacement option.
Option 1: https://domain.tld
Option 2: https://www.domain.tld
mdi-close File diff {{ dialog_file_diff.file_name}} Restore this file To accept invitation either create new account or login to an existing account. Create new account Create Account Login {{ login.message }} Reset Password One Time Password {{ login.errors }} {{ login.info }} Login Lost your password? Back to login form. Listing {{ sites.length }} sites View as Thumbnails View as List Advanced Options Kinsta (Experimental API) Manually Add Site mdi-plus Add Site mdi-plus New Rocket.net Site mdi-close Single-line item Set as customer contact Set as billing contact Create Site New Kinsta Site mdi-close Single-line item Set as customer contact Set as billing contact Verifing Kinsta connection Kinsta token outdated Connect Create Site Update site request Cancel Save
Requested by {{ user_name( request.user_id ) }} - 
{{ request.name }} in {{ account_name( request.account_id ) }} Modify Finish Cancel
Requesting site{{ request.created_at | pretty_timestamp_epoch }} Preparing new site{{ request.processing_at | pretty_timestamp_epoch }} Ready to use{{ request.ready_at | pretty_timestamp_epoch }}
{{ request.notes }}
Back Continue
Link mdi-open-in-new
Back Continue
{{ site.name }} mdi-pencil Fix Credentials Check SSH connection mdi-sync
{{ unassignedSiteCount }} unassign sites
Site Management mdi-cog Modules mdi-toggle-switch-outline Timeline mdi-timeline-text-outline mdi-note-check-outline Login to WordPress mdi-open-in-new
Manual sync website details. Last sync {{ dialog_site.site.updated_at | timeago }}. Info mdi-text-box-multiple Stats mdi-chart-bar Addons mdi-power-plug Users mdi-account-multiple Updates mdi-book-open Scripts mdi-code-tags Backups mdi-update
mdi-close Server logs for {{ dialog_site.environment_selected.home_url }}
Info This site doesn't appear to be WordPress. Backups will still work however other management functions have been disabled. Link mdi-open-in-new WordPress Version mdi-content-copy Storage {{ dialog_site.environment_selected.storage | formatSize }} mdi-content-copy Memory Limit {{ dialog_site.environment_selected.php_memory }} mdi-content-copy Visual Captures {{ dialog_site.environment_selected.captures}} mdi-image Server Logs error.log and access.log mdi-text-box-multiple Multisite {{ dialog_site.environment_selected.subsite_count }} subsites mdi-content-copy Mailgun Logs mdi-email SFTP Info mdi-content-copy Database Info mdi-content-copy Address mdi-content-copy Username mdi-content-copy Password ########## mdi-content-copy Protocol mdi-content-copy Port mdi-content-copy Home directory mdi-content-copy
Database mdi-open-in-new Database PHPmyadmin mdi-open-in-new Database Name mdi-content-copy Database Username mdi-content-copy Database Password ########## mdi-content-copy
SSH Connection mdi-content-copy
Site Options mdi-truck Push Production to Staging mdi-truck Push Staging to Production mdi-email-search Configure Mailgun mdi-content-duplicate Copy Site
Shared With mdi-account-circle mdi-currency-usd
Administrator Options mdi-pencil Edit Site mdi-delete Delete Site
Stats mdi-pencil Edit
{{ dialog_site.environment_selected.stats }}
Unique Visitors
{{ dialog_site.environment_selected.stats.summary.visits | formatk }}
{{ dialog_site.environment_selected.stats.summary.pageviews | formatk }}
Avg Time On Site
{{ dialog_site.environment_selected.stats.summary.avg_duration | formatTime }}
Bounce Rate
{{ dialog_site.environment_selected.stats.summary.bounce_rate | formatPercentageFixed }}
Sharing Stats are powered by Fathom Analytics. To view stats dashboard directly, you can enable public or private sharing options. Off Private Public Share URL https://app.usefathom.com/share/{{ dialog_site.environment_selected.stats.site.id.toLowerCase() }}/{{ dialog_site.environment_selected.stats.site.name }} mdi-open-in-new Save
Addons (Themes/Plugins) Bulk Edit {{ dialog_site.environment_selected.plugins_selected.length }} plugins Bulk Edit {{ dialog_site.environment_selected.themes_selected.length }} themes Add Theme mdi-plus Add Plugin mdi-plus
Updating themes...
Updating plugins...
Users Bulk Edit {{ dialog_site.environment_selected.users_selected.length }} users
Update Logs Manual update mdi-sync Update Settings mdi-settings {{ item.created_at | pretty_timestamp_epoch }}mdi-check-circlemdi-alert-circle {{ item.theme_count }} Themes {{ item.plugin_count }} Plugins
{{ item.status }}
mdi-close Updates on {{ item.created_at | pretty_timestamp_epoch }} {{ item.status }} Revert changes mdi-restore Reapply changes mdi-redo
Scripts Custom bash script or WP-CLI commands Run Custom Code Common mdi-rocket-launch Apply HTTPS Urls mdi-refresh Deploy Defaults mdi-rocket Launch Site mdi-truck Migrate from backup mdi-file-lock Reset Permissions mdi-toggle-switch Toggle Site Other mdi-script-text-outline User mdi-script-text-outline Backups Download Snapshot mdi-cloud-download New Quicksave mdi-sync mdi-pencil Edit Backups Original file and database backups. {{ dialog_site.environment_selected.details.backup_count }} backups Quicksaves Know what changed and when. Easily rollback themes or plugins. Super helpful for troubleshooting maintenance issues. {{ dialog_site.environment_selected.details.quicksave_usage.count }} quicksaves Snapshots Manually generated snapshots zips. {{ dialog_site.environment_selected.details.snapshot_count }} snapshots Types / Backups
Types / Quicksaves
searching quicksaves
{{ quicksave_search_results.items.length }} search results mdi-close
Types  / Snapshots
{{ environment.environment }}
Timeline Export mdi-file-download
Add Site mdi-close {{ error }} Set as customer contact Set as billing contact
{{ key.environment }} Environment
Delete Environment Preload based on Production
Add Staging Environment
Environment Vars Pass along with SSH requests Add mdi-delete Close Add Site
Edit Site {{ dialog_edit_site.site.name }} mdi-close {{ error }} Set as customer contact Set as billing contact
{{ key.environment }} Environment
Delete Environment Preload based on Production
Add Staging Environment
Environment Vars Pass along with SSH requests Add mdi-delete Close Save Changes
Listing {{ allDomains }} domains Add Domain mdi-plus
DNS Records mdi-table Domain Management mdi-account-box {{ dnsRecords }} DNS records Import DNS Records mdi-close Load DNS Records Import mdi-file-upload Export mdi-file-download {{ error }}
Type Name Value TTL
Add Additional Record
Save Records
Domain is registered through another provider.
Owner Admin Technical Billing Update Contact Information Nameservers mdi-delete Add Additional Nameserver Update Nameservers Controls mdi-content-copy Auth Code Retrieve Auth Code
Administrator Options Delete Domain
Listing {{ filterSitesWithErrors.length }} sites with issues Results from daily scans of home pages. Web console errors are extracted from Google Chrome via Lighthouse CLI. Helpful for tracking down wide range of issues. {{ site.name }} Scan mdi-sync View mdi-open-in-new SSH mdi-content-copy Log mdi-check {{ site.console_errors.length }} issues {{ error.source }} {{ error.url }}
{{ error.description }}
Listing {{ filteredRecipes.length }} recipes Add recipe mdi-plus Warning, this is for developers only 💻. The cookbook contains user made "recipes" or scripts which are deployable to one or many sites. Bash script and WP-CLI commands welcomed. For ideas refer to captaincore.io/cookbook. Listing {{ processes.length }} processes Log History Add Log Entry Add process mdi-plus
{{ process.name }} {{ process.roles }}
mdi-clock-outline{{ process.time_estimate }} mdi-calendar-repeat{{ process.repeat_interval }} mdi-repeat{{ process.repeat_quantity }}
Configurations Branding Providers Billing DNS Labels Theme colors Reset colors Listing {{ providers.length }} providers Add Provider mdi-plus WooCommerce Products Hosting Plans mdi-delete Add Additional Plan
Usage Pricing
Save Configurations
Billing Invoices mdi-receipt-text My Plan mdi-chart-donut Payment Methods mdi-credit-card-outline Billing Address mdi-map-marker Billing Address Loading... Invoice #{{ dialog_invoice.response.order_id }}
Download PDF Invoice mdi-arrow-left Back
Billing Details
{{ billing.address.first_name }} {{ billing.address.last_name }} {{ billing.address.company }}
Modify Billing Details
Billing Details

Order was created on {{ dialog_invoice.response.created_at | pretty_timestamp_epoch }} and is currently {{ dialog_invoice.response.status }} payment.

Payment Details
{{ dialog_invoice.response.payment_method }} {{ dialog_invoice.response.paid_on }}
Credit Card
{{ dialog_invoice.error }}
Pay Invoice
Site Defaults Configure default settings will can be applied by running the Deploy Defaults script. Default Users Save Changes Your SSH keys Add SSH Key mdi-plus
{{ key.title }} Primary Key
{{ key.fingerprint }}
Edit profile Edit thumbnail with Gravatar mdi-open-in-new


Turn off Two-Factor Authentication Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Scan the QR code with your password application and enter 6 digit code. Advanced users can manually complete using this link or token.

Cancel Activate Two-Factor Authenticate
{{ error }} {{ profile.success }} Save Account
Listing {{ subscriptions.length }} subscriptions View reports
{{ revenue_estimated_total() }}
Listing {{ accounts.length }} accounts Add account mdi-plus {{ dialog_account.records.account.name }}
Configure Defaults
{{ dialog_account.records.users.length }} Users mdi-account {{ dialog_account.records.sites.length }} Sites mdi-folder-multiple {{ dialog_account.records.domains.length }} Domains mdi-text-box-multiple Timeline mdi-timeline-text-outline Plan mdi-chart-donut
mdi-close New Invitation Send Invite
Edit Plan mdi-pencil
{{ dialog_account.records.account.plan.usage.storage | formatGBs }}GB / {{ dialog_account.records.account.plan.limits.storage }}GB
{{ dialog_account.records.account.plan.usage.visits | formatLargeNumbers }} / {{ dialog_account.records.account.plan.limits.visits | formatLargeNumbers }}
{{ dialog_account.records.account.plan.usage.sites }} / {{ dialog_account.records.account.plan.limits.sites }}
Next Renewal Estimate Renews on {{ dialog_account.records.account.plan.next_renewal | pretty_timestamp_short }}

mdi-close Plan Estimate Breakdown
{{ dialog_account.records.account.plan.name }} Plan supports up to {{ dialog_account.records.account.plan.limits.visits | formatLargeNumbers }} visits, {{ dialog_account.records.account.plan.limits.storage }}GB storage and {{ dialog_account.records.account.plan.limits.sites }} sites. Extra sites, storage and visits charged based on usage.
Hosting plan not active.
Administrator Options mdi-filter-variant Bulk Tools on Sites mdi-pencil Edit Account mdi-delete Delete Account
Listing {{ users.length }} users Account contains:
Cancel Accept Invite as {{ current_user_login }}
Loading... {{ snackbar.message }} Close
Task Activity Clear Task Activity mdi-close Task - {{ dialog_job.task.description }} mdi-arrow-left Back to Task Activity Export Results mdi-close
{{ s }}
Filters Clear Filters mdi-close Bulk Tools Select {{ sites.filter( s => s.filtered ).length }} sites in applied filters Select all {{ sites.length }} sites Add theme Add plugin New Log Entry Open websites in browser Manual sync website details Clear Selections mdi-close Common Scripts
Apply HTTPS Urls Deploy Defaults Toggle Site
Other Scripts
{{ recipe.title }}
Selected sites: {{ site.site }}  {{ site.site }}-staging 
View Task Activity View Filters View Bulk Tools mdi-close