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mdi-wrench Sites mdi-library-books DNS mdi-ladybug Health mdi-code-tags Cookbook mdi-map Handbook mdi-account-card-details Accounts mdi-account-multiple Users mdi-currency-usd Billing mdi-open-in-new close Add plugin to {{ new_plugin.site_name }} From your computer From WordPress.org
{{file.name}} - {{file.size | formatSize}} - {{file.error}} success active

Drop files anywhere to upload

Drop files to upload

Uninstall Install
close Add theme to {{ new_theme.site_name }} From your computer From WordPress.org
{{file.name}} - {{file.size | formatSize}} - {{file.error}} success active

Drop files anywhere to upload

Drop files to upload

Uninstall Install
close Bulk edit on {{ bulk_edit.site_name }}

Bulk edit {{ bulk_edit.items.length }} {{ bulk_edit.type }}

Activate Deactivate Toggle Delete
close Create new WordPress site Request New Site close Configure Mailgun for {{ dialog_site.site.name }} Save close Configure Fathom for {{ dialog_fathom.site.name }}
add Save Fathom configurations
Edit Item Cancel Save close New Recipe Add New Recipe close New Account Create Account close Edit Account Save Account close Edit Recipe Save Recipe close Edit user {{ dialog_user.user.name }}
{{ error }} Save User
close New SSH Key Add New SSH Key close Edit SSH Key {{ dialog_key.key.fingerprint }} Delete SSH Key Save SSH Key close New Process Add New Process close Edit Process Save Process close {{ dialog_handbook.process.name }} {{ dialog_handbook.process.roles }} Edit
mdi-clock-outline{{ dialog_handbook.process.time_estimate }} mdi-calendar-repeat{{ dialog_handbook.process.repeat }} mdi-repeat{{ dialog_handbook.process.repeat_quantity }}
close Save settings for {{ dialog_site.site.name }} Save Update Settings close Theme & plugin checks for {{ dialog_theme_and_plugin_checks.site.name }}

Enables daily checks to verify a theme/plugin is a certain status (activate/inactive). Will email notify if a check fails.

Save Checks
close Add Domain {{ error }} Add domain close Configure Defaults close Edit plan for {{ dialog_modify_plan.customer_name }}


delete Add Addon Save Changes
close Log History close Add a new log entry for {{ dialog_new_log_entry.site_name }} Add Log Entry close Edit log entry for {{ dialog_edit_log_entry.site_name }} Save Log Entry close Mailgun Logs for {{ dialog_mailgun.site.name }} (Last 30 days) close Download Snapshot {{ dialog_backup_snapshot.site.name }}

Download Snapshot
close Delete user To delete {{ dialog_delete_user.username }} from {{ dialog_delete_user.site.name }} ({{ dialog_delete_user.site.environment_selected }}), please reassign posts to another user.
Delete User  {{ dialog_delete_user.username }}
close Launch Site {{ dialog_launch.site.name }} Will turn off search privacy and update development urls to the following live urls.

Launch Site
close Historical Captures of {{ dialog_captures.site.name }}
Configure pages to capture
close Configured pages to capture. Should start with a /. Example use / for the homepage and /contact for the the contact page.


Save Pages

There are no historical captures, yet.
close Toggle Site {{ dialog_toggle.site_name }}

Deactivate Site

Will apply deactivate message with the following link back to the site owner.

Deactivate Site

Activate Site

Activate Site
close Migrate from backup to {{ dialog_migration.site_name }} Warning {{ dialog_migration.site_name }} will be overwritten with backup.

Start Migration
close Copy Site {{ dialog_copy_site.site.name }} to Copy Site close Apply HTTPS Urls for {{ dialog_apply_https_urls.site_name }} Domain needs to match current home url. Otherwise server domain mapping will need updated to prevent redirection loop.

Select url replacement option.
Option 1: https://domain.tld
Option 2: https://www.domain.tld
close File diff {{ dialog_file_diff.file_name}} Restore this file To accept invitation either create new account or login to an existing account. Create new account Create Account Login {{ login.message }} Reset Password {{ login.errors }} Login Lost your password? Back to login form. Listing {{ sites.length }} sites View as Thumbnails View as List Advanced Options Add Site add {{ request.site }} in {{ account_name( request.account_id ) }} Cancel Requesting site{{ request.created_at | pretty_timestamp_epoch }} Preparing new site Ready to use {{ dialog_site.site.name }} Add Log Entry mdi-arrow-left Back to sites Site Management mdi-settings Timeline mdi-timeline-text-outline
Manual sync website details. Last sync {{ dialog_site.site.updated_at | timeago }}. Info mdi-library-books Stats mdi-chart-bar Addons mdi-power-plug Users mdi-account-multiple Updates mdi-book-open Scripts mdi-code-tags Backups mdi-update
Link mdi-open-in-new SFTP Info mdi-content-copy Database Info mdi-content-copy Mailgun Logs email
Address mdi-content-copy Username mdi-content-copy Password ########## mdi-content-copy Protocol mdi-content-copy Port mdi-content-copy
Database mdi-open-in-new Database Name mdi-content-copy Database Username mdi-content-copy Database Password ########## mdi-content-copy
SSH Connection mdi-content-copy
Site Options local_shipping Push Production to Staging local_shipping Push Staging to Production mdi-email-search Configure Mailgun file_copy Copy Site
Administrator Options edit Edit Site delete Delete Site
Stats Configure Fathom Tracker bar_chart
{{ key.stats }}
Unique Visitors
{{ key.stats.agg.Visitors | formatk }}
{{ key.stats.agg.Pageviews | formatk }}
Avg Time On Site
{{ key.stats.agg.AvgDuration | formatTime }}
Bounce Rate
{{ key.stats.agg.BounceRate | formatPercentageFixed }}
Addons (Themes/Plugins) Bulk Edit {{ key.plugins_selected.length }} plugins Bulk Edit {{ key.themes_selected.length }} themes Add Theme add Add Plugin add
Updating themes...
Updating plugins...
Users Bulk Edit {{ key.users_selected.length }} users
Update Logs Manual update mdi-sync Update Settings mdi-settings
Scripts Custom bash script or WP-CLI commands Run Custom Code Common launch Apply HTTPS Urls loop Deploy Defaults mdi-rocket Launch Site mdi-truck Migrate from backup mdi-file-lock Reset Permissions mdi-toggle-switch Toggle Site Other mdi-script-text-outline User mdi-script-text-outline Backups Generate and Download Snapshot Manual check for new Quicksave Backups Original file and database backups. {{ key.details.backup_count }} backups Quicksaves Know what changed and when. Easily rollback themes or plugins. Super helpful for troubleshooting maintenance issues. {{ key.details.quicksave_usage.count }} quicksaves Snapshots Manually generated snapshots zips. {{ key.details.snapshot_count }} snapshots Types / Backups
Types / Quicksaves
Types  / Snapshots
Timeline Export mdi-file-download
Add Site close {{ error }}
{{ key.environment }} Environment
Preload based on Production
Environment Vars Pass along with SSH requests Add mdi-delete Close Add Site
Edit Site {{ dialog_edit_site.site.name }} close {{ error }}
{{ key.environment }} Environment
Preload based on Production
Environment Vars Pass along with SSH requests Add mdi-delete Close Save Changes
Listing {{ allDomains }} domains Add Domain add
DNS for {{ dialog_domain.domain.name }} {{ dnsRecords }} records mdi-arrow-left Back to domains {{ error }}
Type Name Value TTL
Add Additional Record
Load JSON Delete Domain Import mdi-file-upload Export mdi-file-download Save Records
Listing {{ filterSitesWithErrors.length }} sites with issues Results from daily scans of home pages. Web console errors are extracted from Google Chrome via Lighthouse CLI. Helpful for tracking down wide range of issues. {{ site.name }} Scan mdi-sync View mdi-open-in-new SSH mdi-content-copy Log mdi-check {{ site.errors.length }} issues {{ error.source }} {{ error.url }}
{{ error.description }}
Listing {{ filteredRecipes.length }} recipes Add recipe add Warning, this is for developers only 💻. The cookbook contains user made "recipes" or scripts which are deployable to one or many sites. Bash script and WP-CLI commands welcomed. For ideas refer to captaincore.io/cookbook. Listing {{ processes.length }} processes Log History Add Log Entry Add process add
{{ process.name }} {{ process.roles }}
mdi-clock-outline{{ process.time_estimate }} mdi-calendar-repeat{{ process.repeat_interval }} mdi-repeat{{ process.repeat_quantity }}
Configurations Theme colors Reset colors Hosting Plans mdi-delete Add Additional Plan Save Configurations Site Defaults When new sites are added then the following default settings will be applied. Default Users Save Changes Your SSH keys Add SSH Key add
{{ key.title }}
{{ key.fingerprint }}
Profile Update profile Edit thumbnail with Gravatar mdi-open-in-new {{ error }} {{ profile.success }} Save Account Listing {{ accounts.length }} accounts Add account add {{ dialog_account.records.account.name }}
Configure Defaults mdi-arrow-left Back to accounts
{{ dialog_account.records.users.length }} Users mdi-account {{ dialog_account.records.sites.length }} Sites mdi-folder-multiple {{ dialog_account.records.domains.length }} Domains mdi-library-books Timeline mdi-timeline-text-outline Advanced mdi-cogs
New Invite add
close New Invitation Send Invite
Edit account edit Delete account delete
Listing {{ users.length }} users Account contains:
Cancel Accept Invite as {{ current_user_login }}
Loading... {{ snackbar.message }} Close
Task Activity Clear Task Activity close Task - {{ dialog_job.task.description }} mdi-arrow-left Back to Task Activity Export Results close
{{ s }}
Filters Healthy only Outdated only With assigned plan Without assigned plan Clear Filters close Bulk Tools Select {{ sites.filter( s => siteFilters( s.environments ) ).length }} sites in applied filters Select all {{ sites.length }} sites Add theme Add plugin New Log Entry Open websites in browser Manual sync website details Clear Selections close Common Scripts
Apply HTTPS Urls Deploy Defaults Toggle Site
Other Scripts
{{ recipe.title }}
Selected sites: {{ site.site }}  {{ site.site }}-staging 
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