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Drop files anywhere to upload

Drop files to upload

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close Save settings for {{ dialog_site.site.name }} Save Update Settings close Theme & plugin checks for {{ dialog_theme_and_plugin_checks.site.name }}

Enables daily checks to verify a theme/plugin is a certain status (activate/inactive). Will email notify if a check fails.

Save Checks
close Add Domain {{ error }} Add domain close Configure Defaults close Add Site cached
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{{ error }} Add Site
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Download Snapshot
close Delete user To delete {{ dialog_delete_user.username }} from {{ dialog_delete_user.site.name }} ({{ dialog_delete_user.site.environment_selected }}), please reassign posts to another user.
Delete User  {{ dialog_delete_user.username }}
close Launch Site {{ dialog_launch.site.name }} Will turn off search privacy and update development urls to the following live urls.

Launch Site
close Historical Captures of {{ dialog_captures.site.name }}
Configure pages to capture
close Configured pages to capture. Should start with a /. Example use / for the homepage and /contact for the the contact page.


Save Pages

There are no historical captures, yet.
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Deactivate Site

Will apply deactivate message with the following link back to the site owner.

Deactivate Site

Activate Site

Activate Site
close Migrate from backup to {{ dialog_migration.site_name }} Warning {{ dialog_migration.site_name }} will be overwritten with backup.

Start Migration
close Copy Site {{ dialog_copy_site.site.name }} to Copy Site close Edit Site {{ dialog_edit_site.site.name }} cached
{{ key.environment }} Environment
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close Apply HTTPS Urls for {{ dialog_apply_https_urls.site_name }} Domain needs to match current home url. Otherwise server domain mapping will need updated to prevent redirection loop.

Select url replacement option.
Option 1: https://domain.tld
Option 2: https://www.domain.tld
close File diff {{ dialog_file_diff.file_name}} Restore this file To accept invitation either create new account or login to an existing account. Create new account Create Account Login {{ login.message }} Reset Password {{ login.errors }} Login Lost your password? Back to login form. Listing {{ sites.length }} sites Job Activity Bulk Tools Filters close Job Activity Clear mdi-trash-can-outline close Bulk Tools
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Manual sync website details. Last sync {{ dialog_site.site.updated_at | timeago }}. Info mdi-library-books Stats mdi-chart-bar Addons mdi-power-plug Users mdi-account-multiple Updates mdi-book-open Scripts mdi-code-tags Backups mdi-update
Link mdi-open-in-new SFTP Info mdi-content-copy Database Info mdi-content-copy Mailgun Logs email
Address mdi-content-copy Username mdi-content-copy Password ########## mdi-content-copy Protocol mdi-content-copy Port mdi-content-copy
Database mdi-open-in-new Database Username mdi-content-copy Database Password ########## mdi-content-copy
SSH Connection mdi-content-copy
Stats Configure Fathom Tracker bar_chart
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Bounce Rate
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Addons (Themes/Plugins) Bulk Edit {{ key.plugins_selected.length }} plugins Bulk Edit {{ key.themes_selected.length }} themes Add Theme add Add Plugin add
Updating themes...
Updating plugins...
Users Bulk Edit {{ key.users_selected.length }} users
Update Logs Manual update mdi-sync Update Settings mdi-settings
Scripts Custom bash script or WP-CLI commands Run Custom Code Common launch Apply HTTPS Urls loop Deploy users/plugins mdi-rocket Launch Site mdi-truck Migrate from backup mdi-file-lock Reset Permissions mdi-toggle-switch Toggle Site Other mdi-script-text-outline User mdi-script-text-outline Backups (Quicksaves & Snapshots) Generate and Download Snapshot Manual check for new Quicksave Quicksaves
Site Plan Edit Plan edit
{{ ( dialog_site.site.account.plan.usage.storage / ( dialog_site.site.account.plan.limits.storage * 1024 * 1024 * 1024 ) ) * 100 | formatPercentage }}
{{ dialog_site.site.account.plan.usage.storage | formatGBs }}GB / {{ dialog_site.site.account.plan.limits.storage }}GB
{{ ( dialog_site.site.account.plan.usage.visits / dialog_site.site.account.plan.limits.visits ) * 100 | formatPercentage }}
{{ dialog_site.site.account.plan.usage.visits | formatLargeNumbers }} / {{ dialog_site.site.account.plan.limits.visits | formatLargeNumbers }}
{{ ( dialog_site.site.account.plan.usage.sites / dialog_site.site.account.plan.limits.sites * 100 ) | formatPercentage }}
{{ dialog_site.site.account.plan.usage.sites }} / {{ dialog_site.site.account.plan.limits.sites }}
{{ dialog_site.site.account.plan.name }} Plan which supports up to {{ dialog_site.site.account.plan.limits.visits | formatLargeNumbers }} visits, {{ dialog_site.site.account.plan.limits.storage }}GB storage and {{ dialog_site.site.account.plan.limits.sites }} sites.
Development mode, no plan selected.
Sharing Account {{ dialog_site.site.account.name }} Timeline New Log Entry mdi-checkbox-marked Advanced Copy Site file_copy Edit Site edit Delete Site delete
local_shipping Push Production to Staging
local_shipping Push Staging to Production
Listing {{ allDomains }} domains Add Domain add
Listing {{ filteredRecipes.length }} recipes Add recipe add Warning, this is for developers only 💻. The cookbook contains user made "recipes" or scripts which are deployable to one or many sites. Bash script and WP-CLI commands welcomed. For ideas refer to captaincore.io/cookbook. Listing {{ processes.length }} processes Log History Add Log Entry Add process add
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Site Defaults
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Your SSH keys Add SSH Key add
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Profile Update profile Edit thumbnail with Gravatar mdi-open-in-new {{ error }} {{ profile.success }} Save Account Listing {{ accounts.length }} accounts Add account add {{ dialog_account.records.account.name }}
Configure Defaults mdi-arrow-left Back to accounts
{{ dialog_account.records.users.length }} Users mdi-account {{ dialog_account.records.sites.length }} Sites mdi-folder-multiple {{ dialog_account.records.domains.length }} Domains mdi-library-books Timeline mdi-timeline-text-outline Advanced mdi-cogs
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