Fix plugins without license keys

Sometime paid plugins either lose there keys, like when their domain is change or website migrated, or never had a key applied. Either way these are discovered whenever a paid plugin refuses to update. There 3 possible solutions for resolving these plugins.

  • There are a batch of keys/accounts here: which are viewable and usable to all partners.
  • There are some keys/accounts which I’ve purchased on behave of the client which are not shared to others. Those logins would be in in 1Password.
  • There are some plugins which were installed by the client’s themselves or bundled with a paid theme which will need repurchased by Anchor. There is no direct solution here as requires a conversation with the client to see if it’s a plugin they need. If so require them to either buy themselves or have me buy it and take over maintenance.

Advanced Custom Fields Pro

ACF is particularly annoying. There is no way to preload a license and the key gets dropped everytime the domain changes even http to https. Using ManageWP you can deploy the following code snippet to reapply ACF’s license key.

captaincore ssh <site>.. --script=Scripts/