Introducing Domain Controls

Managed domains and DNS services are available to Anchor Hosting customers. The first domain registration is free with any hosting plan. Additional domains are available starting at $20/year per domain. Managed DNS is included at no extra charge, and both domains and DNS are handled with other reputable providers as our aim is to provide the best-managed experience possible. We’re big believers that reselling web hosting is the best way to achieve that goal.

Managed services come first, controls are added later.

When I started Anchor Hosting there were no fancy control panels. Just me, a web developer, sitting between the technology managing everything behind the scenes in order to provide a hassle-free hosting experience. That’s a great way to solve a problem, however, it’s a balancing act. Too much management and you, the customer, lose the ability to do basic things for yourself.

Over the last few years, I’ve been slowly rolling out integrations into the hosting panel to give back as much control as possible. These features are never intended as a replacement of the managed services, however, it’s an add-on for power users. Since early 2018 anyone using Anchor Hosting’s DNS service can manage DNS records themselves via In the same way today…

I’m happy to announce domain controls!

If you have a domain registered through Anchor Hosting then starting today you’ll now have the ability to do basic domain management. Those domain controls include:

  • Retrieve domain authorization code
  • Turn on/off domain locking
  • Turn on/off whois privacy
  • Update domain contacts
  • See registration status

I’m really happy to be able to provide these basic controls. Purchasing new domains or transferring in existing ones will still require an email to due to technical limitations with the current domain provider, However transferring domains away from Anchor Hosting is now doable without any intervention from us. Here’s a quick look showing how they work.

Quick look at domain controls
Quick look at domain controls