WordPress Hosting for Web Professionals

Focus on building websites for your customers.

Are you creating WordPress websites for your clients? Are your clients small businesses? If so then this page is for you. This explains how you can work with me to host your client’s websites. The process is simple. I focus on hosting your clients websites, you focus on building and populating the websites.

Will I have a testing server location until project go live?

Yes you’ll be able to access the websites before they go live using a temporary address like https://anchorhosting.kinsta.cloud. When they are ready to go live, I setup the proper domain mapping, fix any urls and handle the dns changes.

If a client leaves after a year, what do you charge to move the site to their new provider?
I do not charge for migrations whether that’s to me or moving away from me. In fact for customers unhappy with my hosting services, I’ll migrate their website to any hosting company of their choice, free of charge.

Does the client have ownership of the domain and website?
Generally I register the domain in my name for easy of use. I’m happy to update the ownership information for any of my domains to be the client. Yep the client owns the website. If they decide to leave, they get all of their content, images, theme files, etc. I provide various plugin licenses which are non-transferable. The client would be responsible to take over these plugins. Instructions on license will be made available as part of the transfer away process.

If a website goes down, is it included in your fee to bring it back up?
Yep that is my responsibility. I do not charge to fix problems with the website.

Can I invoice my clients for hosting? How does that work?
It doesn’t matter who pays, you or your clients. I collect payment for each website automatically from a credit card or checking account on file. This is done the first of the month on a yearly basis. There is a reminder email sent out 15 days before future charges. After payment is received an automatic receipt email is sent.

Do you give bulk discounts?
I do not offer bulk discounts.

You are more then welcome to upsell my hosting fee, if it makes sense. My prices are low. A similar service to me is Maintainn which you can compare here: https://maintainn.com/plans/. Their prices are just for the management, not including hosting.

Do you have a service package for updates?
With all of my websites I provide updates to WordPress core, WordPress plugins and themes if updates are available from theme author. Simply put if there is something wrong with the website, that’s includes with hosting.

What else do you provide as part of hosting?
– Purchase theme
– Create temporary development site
– Install theme
– Install plugins
– Premium themes
– Premium plugins
– Troubleshoot and support premium plugins
– Setup empty child theme, ready for customization
– Register domain name or migrate existing domain name
– DNS configuration
– DNS management
– Setup stats
– Setup site monitoring and deal with any problems
– Launch website when ready
– Close down old hosting accounts

What would be considered outside of hosting?
The following services would be examples of work I’d recommend hiring a web developer for:
– Customization to child theme
– Setup custom post types
– Setup custom fields
– Content updates
– Configure and setup Gravity Forms, The Event Calendar, WooCommerce, etc…

Can you think of any other details that I should know?
Hosting plans include a set amount of traffic and are reviewed on a yearly basis. If your traffic suddenly increases you may need to move to higher plan when your plan renews. See Plans page for more details.

The entire backend of Anchor Hosting is custom built for my own needs as a WordPress maintenance provider. The software that I’ve created to handle everything is called CaptainCore and is, like WordPress, completely open source.