Working for Anchor Hosting


Few Expectations

  • Anchor Hosting is primarily just Austin Ginder, so any feedback on working together is appreciated.
  • Interacting with Anchor Hosting customers should be done using an Anchor Hosting email ( or via Anchor Hosting support channels.
  • As subcontractors there are no time expectations. You can work whenever you’d like as you have availability as long as it’s within the agreed amount of time/money budget for the month. If you want to send an email to customer at 3am, go for it. I, Austin, will be asleep, lol.
  • You’ll be granted access to Anchor Hosting backend with access to customer information. Everything needs to be keep secure and not shared with anyone for security and the protection of Anchor Hosting customers privacy.
  • Stealing, lying or any inappropriate or illegal activity won’t be tolerated.
  • Scope of work will vary. Can include interacting with WordPress hosting customers and assisting with customer support, debugging backend issues with Anchor Hosting and/or backend providers, interacting with theme/plugin support, debugging coding issues for customers and etc.