Working With Anchor Hosting

So you think you’d like to work with Anchor Hosting? You sure? Anchor Hosting currently has one full-time employee, that’s me Austin Ginder. There is no established team or whatnot. I’m figuring out everything as I go. Over the next several months I’m looking to bring in someone part-time to help out with customer support. Here a few things I’m looking for:

  • Scheduled time blocks (can vary whenever) to help customers over email and/or Intercom.
  • Tasks will include DNS updates, moving WordPress sites, resolving WordPress plugin conflicts, write good documentation to plugin/theme authors for support tickets, responding to site monitor notifications and other various customer related tasks required to run Anchor Hosting.
  • Remote work, location anywhere. In fact it would be great to have someone cover a different timezone then myself (EST).
  • English speaker.
  • Friends and personal references, preferred. That includes anyone who, currently or previously, worked with me at various web hosting firms over the past 10+ years. Assuming that’s OK with your current boss.

That’s pretty much it. No sign up process or anything. Just reach out via email or Twitter direct message.

Austin Ginder