Restoring WP Engine Snapshot Locally

WP Engine has a built-in staging site which is awesome, however sometimes troubleshooting requires more direct access. For those times, I like to take a WP Engine backup snapshot and restore locally on my Macbook Pro. For local development I manually configure my stack (apache, mysql, php, etc) following this blog post by Grav. One additional prerequisite is having WP-CLI installed. With that I can automate a restore using the following script.

To prevent having to type in common things like local database user and password I decided to define them in a new file called .bash_anchorhost. I put this file under my home directory.


Next download a WP Engine backup snapshot and run the following script, inputting the snapshot url, local database name, production site url and local site url.

## Pull in static configs
source ~/.bash_anchorhost

function wpengine_local_restore {

    ## Prompt for dynamic configs    
    read -p $'\e[31mWP Engine snapshot url\e[0m: ' wpengine_snapshot
    read -p $'\e[31mLocal database name (will create)\e[0m: ' db_name
    read -p $'\e[31mProduction site url ( ex: )\e[0m: ' siteurl_production
    read -p $'\e[31mLocal site url ( ex: )\e[0m: ' siteurl_local
    ## Download and extract snapshot
    cd $sites_path
    rm -r $siteurl_local
    mkdir $siteurl_local
    cd $siteurl_local
    wget $wpengine_snapshot
    file_count=`ls -1 | wc -l`
    if [ $file_count -eq 1 ]
    	unzip $downloaded_zip
    	rm -f $downloaded_zip

    ## WP Engine cleanup
    rm -rf wp-content/mu-plugins
    rm -f wp-content/advanced-cache.php
    rm -f wp-content/object-cache.php

    ## Database Prep
    mysql -u $db_user -p$db_password -e "create database $db_name;"
    mysql -u $db_user -p$db_password $db_name < wp-content/mysql.sql

    ## Loads tables prefix
    db_prefix=$(cat wp-config.php | grep "\$table_prefix" | cut -d \' -f 2)

    ## Generates new wp-config.php
    wp config create --dbname=$db_name --dbuser=$db_user --dbpass=$db_password --dbprefix=$db_prefix --dbhost= --force --extra-php <<PHP 
define( 'JETPACK_DEV_DEBUG', true );

    ## Updates urls
    wp search-replace https://www.$siteurl_production http://$siteurl_local --all-tables
    wp search-replace http://www.$siteurl_production http://$siteurl_local --all-tables
    wp search-replace https://$siteurl_production http://$siteurl_local --all-tables
    wp search-replace http://$siteurl_production http://$siteurl_local --all-tables

    ## Adds to hosts file
    echo -e "\t${siteurl_local}" | sudo tee -a /etc/hosts

    ## Add new configs to apache virtual server

    echo "<VirtualHost *:80>" >> $vhostsfile
    echo -e "\tDocumentRoot \"${vhostspath}\"" >> $vhostsfile
    echo -e "\tServerName ${siteurl_local}" >> $vhostsfile
    echo '</VirtualHost>' >> $vhostsfile

    # Restarts apache
    sudo apachectl -k restart

    ## Launch in browser
    open http://$siteurl_local


Here is an example of what it looks like in action.

WP Engine Migrate Locally