Selective Snapshot Downloads

One thing that I really like from WP Engine is their selective download options from backup snapshots. Every night they make a backup snapshot which you can download the full zip or a selective selection of files.

WP Engine Snapshot Download Options

If you’re an Anchor Hosting customer then good news, this functionality is now included.

Here is a quick overview how it works. Login to your account and select Sites. Select a site then select Backups > Download Backup Snapshot.

The default option will be to download everything.

Or selectively pick what you want.

This will package up files from the most recent backup into a zip downloadable via email.

This works as a nice fill in gap for websites which I now host with Kinsta. Enjoy! 😎For the DIY’ers, any feature added to Anchor Hosting is also available freely via my WordPress toolkit CaptainCore.