When to not recommend WordPress

WordPress is awesome. I use WordPress for my business and all of my clients use it for their business. Recently I’ve been wondering if there a guide that people could use to figured out if WordPress is the best choice to them.

One of my customers recently reached out to me for advice on what to do with his website. His website was outdated and needed a major overhaul. New theme and new WooCommerce setup. It was going to be costly. He said he is thinking of starting fresh with a Squarespace site and basically looking for my advice on why he should continue with WordPress.

After chatting for a few minutes I determined for him it’s best to switch to Squarespace. The cost of a new WordPress vs the cost of a new Squarespace site just didn’t make sense. For Squarespace he didn’t need developer just a designer. Nor did he need to worry about hosting and maintenance. It’s all built into their low monthly fee.

After I assisting and transitioning him to Squarespace and closing down his WordPress site I was convinced this was the right thing to do for him. Many of the reasons why you would use WordPress simply do not apply to his business model nor are do econimics allow for a WordPress site.

Open systems great for extendible and growth

WordPress is great for businesses who need to be able to extend their website to do more then just display images and videos. I’d recommend you stick with WordPress if you need that type of flexibility.

Closed systems great for keeping costs low

Closed systems like Squarespace are great if you are just getting started and need to keep costs low. Main point is you don’t need to hire a developer. You can simply work with an illustration, photographer or designer to make your site look good. If you hit the limits of Squarespace you can always migrate to a WordPress at a later point.