Exciting Times for WordPress with Gutenberg

There is a new WordPress editor currently under development called Gutenburg. Once ready, it will replace how you edit pages and write posts within WordPress. It’s ironic because just last week I explained how I personally don’t use the WordPress editor and instead use WordPress.com to write my blog posts via Jetpack. Now for this post I’m using an early version of the new WordPress editor:

Early WordPress plugins aren't for everyone

Not everyone will appreciate using Gutenberg as it currently stands. Most people need to see the final and most polished version in order to get it. For those of you who are designers or developers I’d highly recommend downloading and installing Gutenberg on your WordPress sites. The more people using it now the better it will be once it’s released.

This is one Beta I do recommend installing on Production

The plugin runs safely along side the regular old editor. It doesn’t actually replace anything. Instead it adds new buttons and options to edit content in the new editor. This sort of joint experience is why I wouldn’t recommend everyone just go out and install. It is however totally safe to start using on websites which only you are the administrator or author.