Let 1Password Handle Your WordPress Logins

The push for a complex password is never ending. Having a really long and complicated password doesn’t have to be hard to use. With the right setup you’ll be more secure and more efficient with your time.

Use a Password Management System

If you’re not currently using a password management system, use 1Password. It will save you so much time. With 1Password, it:

  1. Assigns a really long random password for each website or service
  2. Prompts you to save new passwords after signing-in the first time
  3. Handles auto login on both desktop and mobile devices using your fingerprint or a single master unlock code

Share Your Password Between Production, Staging and Dev sites

When you have multiple versions of the same WordPress site, maintaining a single common password makes it a little easier to handle. With 1Password, you can add in other sites. That means if you update the password you only need to change it in one spot within 1Password.

Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 4.13.13 PM.png

Initiate 1Password from your keyboard

On a Mac, type Command + \ to auto login. This works on any browser that has the 1Password browser extension installed.

Touch ID and Touch Bar Fully Supported

With a recent upgrade to a new Macbook Pro with Touch Bar I now no longer have to type my 1Password master password. I instead simply use Touch ID right beside Touch Bar. This is again a huge time saver and effectively means all of my password logins are automatic with a single finger.