Taking Over an Existing Google Analytics Profile

When juggling WordPress sites between host providers and marketing agencies, it’s possible to misplace access to the Google Analytics profile. Rather then start fresh and losing historical tracking data, it’s possible to take over the an existing Google Analytics with only the UA code and access to current site.

Start by contacting Google AdWords support.

Fill out this form. No account is require however you will need a valid Google account entered in the “Desired login email” field. Here is a template I use for the “Summary of the issue *” section.

I host the website <insert website link here>. Neither myself nor the client has access to their Google Analytics profile: <insert UA code here>. Is it possible for us to takeover that profile? We do have ownership of the domain, DNS and web hosting.

There are most likely a few questions which you won’t know like “Last known login email address” and “Name of last known user *”. I’m not sure how closely they check. Do your best to be honest. Putting in something like “admin@<current website>” and “I don’t know” is enough to get the form sent.

Wait and upload a verification file to the existing website.

Within a day or so you should receive an email from adwords-support@google.com with verification instructions. Create and upload the verification file as they instructed. The Adwords team will send an email to the current owner and wait 2 days. If the current owner(s) don’t respond and you’ve completed their verification steps, then you’ll be added to the existing Google Analytics profile.