WordCamp Lancaster 2019

This year I spoke at WordCamp Lancaster, the annual one day WordPress conference here in my home town. I gave a talk in the beginner track titled The Lean Mean Maintenance Machine. It was an overview of why maintenance is necessary for WordPress, tips for keeping maintenance work lean and some thoughts about the future of maintenance. Video of the talk has been released on WordPress.tv.

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WordCamp Lancaster 2019

If you’ve never been to a WordCamp, then please do. They are very accessible conferences independently organized by volunteers found virtually everywhere: https://central.wordcamp.org/. It’s a fun day of networking and learning all about WordPress and the web. What better way to spend a Saturday or weekend? Not to mention all of the perks donated by the various sponsors.

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Bonus tip: if you apply to speak or volunteer at a WordCamp there is extra time to interact with other awesome folks at speaker dinners and designated speaker areas during the event. Likewise, WordCamps are the perfect place to do public speaking for the first time. Both the audience and everyone involved are super supportive.

Huge thanks to Corey Salzano and all of the other organizers, volunteers and sponsors this year. You guys made this day a huge success! 🏆